Due south!

Despite the bad weather I am leaving Kasan! First of all I need to cross the Volga again to return to that place where Marat picked me up two days ago. I need to cross the river because the right side is sheltered by high cliffs that protect me from the strong winds …




Right, so let´s move now – I need to speed up, still it´s along way to go! It´s a good day, I am moving fast, but suddenly,  while I am taking a brake in a little bay that looks nice and calm, a ship is turning up and heading for my direction.



One by one, a group of  men turn up on deck and give me a warm welcome. All of them happy, relaxed and somehow in a holiday mood! What a “boy group”! Little by little I get introduced to everybody and I realize that they are on holiday! Once a year they all meet, some of them are from Belarus, some of them are Tatars and some of them are Russians, to spend a week together on the Volga!


I am invited for lunch. We eat, we sing, everybody is happy  – what a nice get-together!


I decide to stay and in the evening I am getting ready to sleep just beside the ship!


Getting up very early in the morning I have to take up the next challenge!


The river Karma is going to flow into the Volga within the next kilometers. That means that perhaps I have to expect strong currents. The Volga is here  about 30 kilometers wide and I protect myself from the strong winds by swimming along the river bank, the high cliffs give me shelter again! But what I didn´t consider is, that here, right under the cliffs  is no place where I can rest or spend the night. Nothing but stones and walls!

I keep going until 7pm, but there is no comfortable place to find I need to spend the night on a rock!


Climbing up the hills I discover a wonderful landscape right in the middle of nowhere! Pure nature – what a surprise, I am overwhelmed!




Tomorrow I need to cross the river again…..


2 Replies to “Due south!”

  1. Эрик, молодец! Ты отчаянный парень!
    Держись, мы в тебя верим!
    Твои друзья из Казани и Беларуси

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